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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

“While many accomplishments have been made,” said Beth J. Passarella, a writer at Echo Media Group in Tustin, Cal., “Myles believes that his job is just beginning. In fact, he sees his role in creating a transportation solution that will support the economic vitality of this world-renowned tourist destination critical to the future of Las Vegas.”

“The challenge of moving 38.6 million tourists through the resort corridor each year is significant and one that needs to be addressed in order for Las Vegas to continue to thrive as a world-renowned tourist destination," said Myles.

Myles, a 20-year transportation industry veteran and Las Vegas native, believes the monorail is critical to maintaining and enhancing the Las Vegas visitor experience by reducing travel time to destinations and frustrations with travel delays and traffic congestion, said Passarella .

In a one-on-one meeting, Myles will share his plans for the Monorail and how these plans will directly affect the vitality and environment of Las Vegas, enhance the Vegas experience and support the lifestyle for locals including expansion plans.

“Figures indicate that this year will be a record-breaking year with 44.5 million passengers expected to travel through the McCarran International Airport.

“One of the most prevalent challenges in the Las Vegas Resort Corridor is transportation. Moving people between the hotel properties, the convention centers and the airport is critical to the future success of Las Vegas as a destination,” said Myles.

“When we extend the monorail to the airport and connect it to other properties along the Strip, we will add a much-needed transportation solution that seamlessly moves people among the various destinations,” he said.

According to Myles, succeeding in the extension is not only critical for the Las Vegas Monorail but for the resort corridor as well.

The Las Vegas monorail is the only public transit system currently helping the environment. By eliminating 4.4 million car trips and 135 tons of carbon monoxide each year, the monorail takes a proactive approach to reducing harmful emissions that are affecting the pollution levels in Las Vegas.

“Myles offers a realistic perspective of smog, congestion and other issues of importance for locals,” said Passarella.

He’s not suggesting that locals take the Monorail. Rather, Myles is interested in discussing how the Monorail can alleviate some of the daily headaches associated with the morning and afternoon commutes. With increased ridership, the number of visitor vehicles on the road diminishes.”

This could mean huge savings for the local commuter.

"By shaving five minutes a day off the commute, the local resort worker saves 25 minutes per week," said Myles.

"That’s 1,300 minutes per year or 21.6 hours. Essentially this gives them an additional two and a half days off a year.”

The National Basketball Assn. will be holding its first All Star week in Las Vegas next February. A new Las Vegas Monorail NBA train was unveiled recently. He used to play semi-pro basketball, “so this is a passionate project for him,” she said.


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