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Monday, September 18, 2006

CP to demolish a freight house

Canadian Pacific Ry. (CPR) said yesterday that demolition of a former freight shed in Outremont Yard will began yesterday. It marks the first step in CPR ending railway-related activities in the yard following the sale of the property to the Université de Montréal in March 2006, in order to expand its campus.

The demolition work is expected to take about 12 weeks.

CPR said only the freight shed area will be demolished, with an office building portion located at the east end of the structure left in place for yard tenants, the Quebec-Gatineau Ry. (QGRY).

The QGRY will continue to use the offices there and its present railway activities until that company’s eventual relocation, at a date which has not yet been determined.

The 93,000 sq-meter freight shed was built in 1967 and was used as a loading/unloading and distribution center for cargo coming into and being shipped from Montreal by businesses and retailers that did not have direct rail access or which were shipping less-than-a-carload.

Built with 100 freight shed doors and one half-kilometer in length, the shed was equipped with an electronic system for sorting buggies on a conveyor system. When built, the shed was one of the most modern on CPR’s system for the trans-shipping of truck/rail car traffic.

Outremont Yard was built in 1891 and its rail vocation has followed the cyclical peaks and valleys of the railway industry and its direct link to the Canadian economy. In 1997, CPR sold two of its secondary lines, one to the Outaouais region and the second to Trois-Rivières/Québec City, to Genesee Rail-One, which then formed the QGRY. This short line railway company uses Outremont Yard for freight car switching and marshalling cars for interchange with CPR.


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